Downtown Businesses Fund & Aid Program

Redbird Boutique – Angela Kendall (above), Colville Sign – Libby Fox (right)

Colville Together, in partnership with the Colville Chamber of Commerce, has completed our GoFundMe campaign Downtown Businesses Fund.  We are thrilled to see the support of the community and the interest of the Downtown Businesses.

The Community has rallied around this project and we have had dozens of donations from community members, many of them being over $50 and a handful over $200.  We raised over $4,500 to aid the downtown Colville businesses that have been so impacted by the Stay at Home Order and COVID-19.  We had 9 eligible businesses, and each will be getting $500. The businesses may use these funds in any way to help them to continue to be viable during this time.  These businesses are vital to our community and crucial to keeping downtown a dynamic place, where our community and its visitors can live, work and play. 

Colville Jewelers – Andrew Kumor, Jennifer Mitchell (above), Re-Imagined Home – Sarah Groves (at left)
Yesterday, June 2nd, Muriel Meyer the president of Colville Together personally delivered the checks to a handful of the eligible downtown business owners. The remaining checks were mailed out to the other eligible applicants.

RE Lee Shoe Company – Karen Abeid

This project really shows how we can make a positive impact TODAY, by working TOGETHER, we can help our downtown survive until TOMORROW. 

Colville Together, “Today, Tomorrow, Together.”

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